How To Survive the Flu Season as a Nurse

Drink More Water

If you are like most people, you aren’t drinking enough water! 75% of Americans are likely to chronically dehydrated. Staying hydrated allows your body to better fend off viruses such as the Flu.

Wash Hands/Use Sanitizer

This one is obvious but very important. As nurses, this is standard practice , but it’s also very important to continue this at home and out in public. During flu season, it’s a good idea to carry a small container of hand sanitizer to use day to day. Also keeping a clean environment at home (cleaning countertops, door handles, etc. can keep germs from spreading.

Lift Weights 3 Days Per Week

The immune system produces additional white blood cells and other organisms to fight the Flu and other viruses. The immune system is also connected to other body systems. So when you exercise you force your immune system to activate disease fighting cells.

Exercising before you get sick allows your immune system to have more disease fighting cells already activated to fight off the virus.

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